Monte Lazzara

Game Designer, Developer, Artist and Audio Producer


I am a game designer with 3+ years of indie game design experience.I am currently a design intern for CelleC full time as well as a Lead designer with Pixel bit games where I make indie Mobile and PC games part time.
I am a jack of all trades, as I can produce and mix audio, create 2D game art and develop systems using C# and C++ in both Unity and Unreal Engine. I work well with teams and am a great communicator. I always give 200% to any task.

My projects

Sling Shark– Design & Art

Spingineer– Design, Art, Audio, Systems

Colorcode– Design, Art, Audio, Systems

Iron Banana Knight– Design, Art, Enemy Ai & Systems

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Since I was a child I’ve always been pursuing creative endeavors. From drawing sonic characters at 3 to making a board game at 10, games always held my interest. In high school I was a part of a magnet program for the arts where I would create comic books and design paper prototypes for family and friends to test. After turning 15 I got my first guitar and never stopped playing since. I also got my first computer at the time and learned the ins and out of systems and networking. 

My first attempt at a degree was for graphic design as at the time game design and development was still relatively new. I found myself working in technology for 10+ years before finally pursuing and graduating with a Bachelors in Game Design at Full Sail University. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Game Design and am expected to graduate in June, 2022.
I have 10 years of experience in concept art & character design, 15 in music production and 10 working with computer systems and networking technologies. I also have 3+ years in game development, designing and creating art for multiple Mobile and PC games. 

Video games helped shape who I am, it is my goal to do the same for them.